• Adult Cat Food With Klicker Salmon
  • Klicker food with salmon for Adult Cat is a food that your cat will eat with pleasure no matter what breed. It has been produced by using Lique Fresh Meat Injection System without using grain. It is an excellent dried food prepared with the highest quality fresh salmon, dried salmon, dried vegetables and fruits as well as rich supporting products.

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    Adult Cat Food With Klicker Salmon

    Adult Cat Food With Klicker Salmon


Fresh and dried salmon and marine fish (45% dried salmon, 15% of fresh fish, and 5% hydrolyzed fish), potatoes, peas, dried anchovy, dried shrimp, chicken fat, fish oil, nupro, Brewer's yeast, hydrolysed liver, dried pumpkin, dried carrots, dried apples, pomegranate powder, dried blueberry powder, dried basil, dried chamomile, rosemary, glycine hydrate 280mg iron chelating copper chelating 93mg, antioxidants, carob powder, grape seed powder, turmeric root powder, yucca, seaweed, Yesil tea, glucosamine, chondroitin, extra virgin olive oil


Protein: 36%, Fat: 18%, Ash: 6%, Fiber: 2%, calcium: 1.8%, phosphorus: 1.5%, magnesium (max) 0.09% mg, taurine 4200mg, Omega 3: 1%, Omega 6: 3.5%, EPA: 0.35%, DHA: 0.55%

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin A: 25000 I.U., Vitamin D: 2000 I.U., Vitamin E: 600mg, Vitamin C: 240mg, niacin 150mg, folic acid 1.50 mg, B1 9mg, B2 15mg, B6 7.5 mg, B12 0.10 mg, zinc chelate-like methionine hydrosylase 1000mg, Choline Chloride 2200mg, L-carnitine 1000mg,

Nutrition Table

Weight(Kg)Daily Nutrition Quantity (GR)
1 - 2 kg 25 - 36 g
2 - 4 kg 36 - 58 g
4 - 6 kg 58 - 75 g